Metal Recycling



Aluminum Recycling in Manatee County – Aluminum cans, aluminum pipes, aluminum extrusions, aluminum foil, aluminum fencing and other aluminum products are 100 percent recyclable. Recovery of aluminum metal is very high. Europe has the highest rate of recycling aluminum cans. With aluminum prices always changing Manatee Metals LLC is the best place to check aluminum prices and recycle aluminum.

Copper- recycling


Copper Recycling in Manatee County – Copper has been mined since the roman times. Today copper is recycled from various forms such as copper wire, copper radiators, copper pipes, copper electric motors, and copper jewelry. Copper prices have been known to change and are tracked in several markets. Manatee Metals LLC accepts all types of copper scrap for recycling.



Steel Recycling in Manatee County – Steel or iron is known as a ferrous metal. The most recycled items are stainless steel, steel tubes, steel pipes, metal containers, automobiles, metal appliances and construction material. Steel has been recycled for hundreds of years. Steel is the most widely recycled metal in Manatee County. And Manatee Metals LLC has been the major buyer for years.


Precious Metals-Recycling


Precious Metals Recycling in Manatee County  – Gold, platinum, silver and palladium are the most well-known precious metals in New York City.  These materials are used in electronics and or instruments as well as in coins, art, and jewelry.  If you need to buy or sell gold we have top gold prices.  Gold prices today are at highs.  We have the best prices for gold.